Is graffiti real art?

What is art? What does art do us?
It inspires thought, toys with emotions and feelings. It could brighten someone’s day, it could encourage someone to take over the world, or it could cause someone to yell. What is your idea of art? Art can be explained as the expression of imagination in form such as painting or sculpture which are appreciated for their emotional power. So where the line divide art from non-art? Which of these paintings do you consider to be artwork?

As Lou Jacobs Jr. said in his article, art is subjective. So is graffiti real art? Many would argue that its simply vandalism, but if you look past the fact that its painted on the wall of a building or on trains and trucks, graffiti to us is a work of art. Just as painters and sculptors are seen as “artists” by society, graffiti artists should be acknowledged as one because they use different styles and techniques to create their work.

The use of graffiti can be made to encourage the legal creation of hand-drawn exterior designs. The use of mural graffiti could transform dull, boring walls into colorful masterpieces. Graffiti can be viewed as art because of the fact that some people are actually paid to graffiti walls into personalized murals, just as painters get paid to make portraits for their employers. With this in mind, having graffiti artists create large-scale murals on buildings can actually reduce vandalism because the wall will be forever occupied.


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